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Some of the world's greatest bike brands will be at THRIVE, Scotland's biggest Bike Demo event, whether you want mountain bikes , E bikes or gravel bikes!   


If you have specific bikes in mind that you would like to test ride then booking ahead by email is essential.  


The cost is £35 per day with the proceeds going to THRIVE to help run the event and fund its goals .   


All demo bikes from all brands  can be booked in advnce by email to  or on the day by visiting the Cyclehighlands Bike Shop, located behind the church in the centre of Ballater.               


The following points should help you plan your demo weekend:

1)   A demo bike  can be booked for the morning OR the afternoon. The morning session runs from 0900 to 1200 and the afternoon session from 1300 to 1600. This means you can potentially test ride 4 bikes over the weekend.

2)   If there is availability , and you wish to try even more bikes and do shorter test rides then you can try as many bikes as possible. Check availability at Cyclehighlands .

3)   You must register each day at Cycle Highlands even if you have booked ahead in order to collect your  DEMO PASS. You will need up to date photo ID and a proof of address.  

4)  When advance booking by email at , give your height , weight and preferred pedal type ( bring your own pedals is a good tip )  and your first and second choice options for testing.


 We will always try and be flexible and fit in last minute requests. Timings may vary and riders being back on time is greatly appreciated to help everyone get on their dream bike!





No ID means no Demo Pass and no Demo Pass means no test rides !


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